Cubase is a hugely popular, extremely powerful and versatile Digital Audio Workstation used by many musicians, songwriters, composers, film score writers, producers, editors, arrangers...... all over the world.
Steinberg's Cubase LE software is bundled free with many pieces of hardware. A trial version of Cubase Elements is available free to download and use for one month from the Steinberg website.

Downloading the software is straightforward, however, owning it involves registering your product with Steinberg and downloading the elicencer control centre. There are two types elicence - soft - which is on your computers hard drive and a hard copy on a key which can be used to activate your version of Cubase on another computer.The elicencer control centre is where you can manage your elicencer/s. This can be confusing to a beginner, I have met many who have struggled with this first hurdle.

As a Steinberg Certfied Trainer my aim is to help Cubase users get to the heart of this amazing DAW and start creating music without getting too bogged down with the technicalities.

Click on the logo below to access the Steinberg website.

Mick Stubbs

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